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Binabar Aboriginal language teaching resources

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Binabar Books publishes a range of colourful children’s story books which incorporate Aboriginal languages in the text to help young ones begin to learn a traditional Australian language. The books are proving popular for a wide range of educational programs as a way of introducing language and cultural studies in the early years, prep to lower primary.

The books contain orthography notes to assist with pronunciation, as well as a list of related additional vocabulary which can be used in extension work.

These quality publications are designed for reprinting in any language, and the Binabar team can advise on the appropriate steps to take to see if the books can be published in your local language.

An added feature of the books is the inclusion of sound within the pages so that readers can hear the correct pronunciations for new words. The sound is picked up through an Audio Reader, which is sold separately. One Audio Reader can carry up to 100 different books and the sound files for new titles are easily uploaded to the Audio Readers. However, the use of the sound feature is not essential for a full appreciation of these story books.