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Your local language

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the experts in their languages and for this reason, inquiries about the translation of books into new languages must come through or in conjunction with the local language custodians. Binabar Books may be able to assist you with introductions to your local community members.

For schools without a community education officer or Indigenous language teacher, the books are intended as an awareness of language and culture resource and it is not recommended that the teaching of a traditional language be considered without a community language teacher.

Minimum print run for new title publications.

A minimum order of 100 books is needed for a new language title. This can be either through a single order, or a commitment by a group of schools, preschools or childcare facilities to purchase the order between them. (Purchase orders)

Contact us and we can make a time to call and discuss your needs.

Bridget and Jedda Priman recording for their Warrgamay books. Photo credit: ABC Open